Cestus 3204 Deep_III_cut5 sideCestus 3204 Deep_III_cut5 palm

Cestus Deep III Cut 5 Gloves

$69.95 $40.00

  • Flexible TPR: Adds impact resistance for back of glove that covers fingers down to fingertips, thumb, knuckles and metacarpals, and allows user time to pull out of glove if hand is caught in machinery or a pinch
  • SkidX Grip: Adds oil, water and petro-chemical resistance, as well as heightened grip control in wet, oily or dry environments.
  • Neoprene Long-Cuff Design: Covers wrist and adds protection, comfort and “tear-away” ability with heavy machinery
  • Cut-Five Resistance: Gives palm maximum level of cut protection to prevent lacerations and cut injuries
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