Philips HeartStart Onsite AED Battery


This long-life battery uses a disposable, lithium manganese dioxide and has a five-year shelf life plus a (typical) four-year installed life. A spare battery should be stored with the defibrillator. Additional batteries should be purchased for defibrillators used frequently for training and/or demonstrations.

Every minute counts when a emergency cardiac event occurs, and preparation and having properly functioning AEDs increase the chances of victims surviving. Safety equipment might remain unused for years, but you want it to work when you need it. Philips AEDs use long-life batteries that last four years when installed. Stored batteries last up to five years, so keeping a backup makes a sound safety strategy.

Organizations that use AEDs often for demonstrations and training should keep several backup energy sources on hand. The Philips replacement battery works on the HeartStart OnSite and Frx models of defibrillators. The battery also works with Philips models M5066A, M5067A, M5068A and 861304


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