South Park Hydrant and Spanner Wrench Set

$111.70 $77.50

Wrench Holder Set with two (2) USW75 Universal Spanner Wrenches and one (1) AHW7001X Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

Includes mounting bracket with gasket for fire truck or other location.

Hydrant Wrench (AHW7001X): Head made of ductile iron fits pentagon or square fire hydrant operating nut. Spanner fits rocker or pin lugs. Handle made of 7/8 inch diameter steel with knurled hand grip. Bright zinc plated. One Included.

Spanner Wrenches (USW7501A): Made of high strength aluminum alloy. Has gas cock slot, window jimmy, belt loop, and hammer head. For pin or rocker lugs. Two Included.