WYK Anti-Slip Safety Sorbent

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WYK Safety Sorbent, universal granular sorbent/anti-slip has been the choice of response and cleanup professionals across the USA since 1967!

Safe to Use In Your Facilities

  • Properly applied as an anti-slip compound will not become airborne or cause unsightly conditions
  • When used to clean up liquids It’s FAST! Not a “sit & soak” compound. Apply it to the spilled liquids and sweep up!

Anti-Slip Applications

  • For use where slippery conditions exist. A light coating (Salt & Pepper) on slippery ramps, docks, stairs, trailers and in cold storage floors will provide traction on wet, icy, oily floor surfaces.
  • Protect your employees and visitors from slip accidents
  • Help material handling equipment like fork lifts and pallet jacks stay on course

Spill Cleanup Applications

  • WYK Safety Sorbent & Anti-Slip Agent is a fantastic sorbent for all kinds of liquids, spills and drips.
  • For use on all liquids from oils to water or chemicals
  • Works particularly well on heavy, thick viscous liquids like paint and gear oil. (except HF hydrofluoric acid)

Tried & Tested

  • WYK Safety Sorbent & Anti-Slip Agent has been used on just about every liquid you can think of.
  • It has been laboratory tested on over many different types of liquids for capacity, compatibility and performance and has exhibited excellent results in most cases.

Available Sizes

  • Case of (12) 2.5# shaker cartons
  • 25# bag
  • 40# box

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25# Bag, 40# Box, Case of (12) 2.5# Cartons