If you have visited this blog before, you know we’re all about employers investing in the equipment necessary to make sure their employees are protected. But, even if you are already providing your employees with everything they need, you can still do one more thing for both of your benefits.

You can let them know that they need to uphold their end of the bargain if they want a safe working environment. All the safety equipment, precautions, and training in the world won’t make a lick of difference if they are unwilling to do their part to ensure a safe job site.

The following five tips are a good place for them to start:

  • Respect the Tools and Machines: Heavy machinery and power tools can be dangerous in the hands of negligent workers. Workers need to use the right tool for the job and use it in an intended manner. If a worker is unsure about how to use a particular tool or machine, they must speak up and get guidance from someone who does.
  • Stay Sober: Unless your workers are airline pilots, it is unacceptable for them to be inebriated on the job (just kidding; pilots should also stay sober). Alcohol, pills, and heavy machinery do not mix. It is hard enough to do an excellent job with all your faculties, let alone when you are half in the bag.
  • Take a Break: Workers are provided regular breaks for a reason. Tired, stressed-out workers are more susceptible to accidents. There is no need to play hero by skipping required breaks or using a sharp tool while chowing down on lunch.
  • Report Hazards: Just because you see the puddle of spilled liquid doesn’t mean that your coworkers will. If you see something hazardous, point it out to a supervisor or immediately resolve the hazard.
  • Wear Safety Equipment: Protective equipment such as helmets and respirators are of no use hanging up in your locker or residing on the floor of your truck.

Speaking of safety equipment, you can find everything you and your workers need right here at our shop.