Air Monitoring Calibration & Repair Services

Clarey’s Safety Equipment is proud to be your sole source for all of your air monitoring equipment and service.

When it comes to air monitoring, no one in the area has more experience and expertise than Clarey’s Safety Equipment. We take pride in prompt turn around time and quality work. Our professionals will help you become more knowledgeable and confident in your air monitoring instruments.

Air Monitor/Gas Detection Services available:

(Please note: These services may not be available in your area)

  • Assistance with the proper selection of an air monitor which best suits your needs and budget
  • Training on the proper use, calibration and service of your existing equipment
  • Repair and re-calibration
  • Calibration gases and regulators for self-calibration
  • Monitor Rentals
  • Chemical, biological or radiological units
  • Wireless monitoring technology available

Self-Service or Full Service

While gas stations no longer offer full service – Clarey’s Safety Equipment does!

If you are looking for self-service and want to replace sensors, repair or calibrate monitors; Clarey’s can provide you with everything needed from sensors, batteries, filters, tubes, chargers, regulators and every size and type of calibration gas you could ever need. See <strong><a href=””>our online store</a></strong> for these products.

If you are looking for full service and want someone to maintain, repair and calibrate your equipment; Clarey’s is just the company. We don’t just send a bill after the work is done; we advise you as to the repairs necessary and the related expenses so you have no surprises. We will also assist in determining the equipment for your specific needs and let you know if there is newer technology available which will provide better monitoring as well as possibly save money.

Please contact us as we are here to assist with all of your self-service or full service air monitoring needs. Monitors can be delivered, mailed or shipped in for recalibration and/or repair.

Clarey’s Safety Equipment is a service center for RAE By Honeywell , RKI, 3M Scott, BW (Honeywell Analytics) and Flir. We can also service any other major manufacturer air monitor instrument. For more information about any of the monitors you see listed on our site please call Clarey’s Safety Equipment toll free at 1-800-558-8009. You can also stop by our Rochester, Minnesota location.