Air Pak (SCBA) Service Department

As your authorized Scott Air-Pak sales and service distributor, Clarey’s Safety Equipment has staff that goes out of their way to provide you with only the finest quality service before, during and after the sale. Our business has dedicated itself to ensure that our customers who are users of self-contained breathing apparatuses are well taken care of.

OSHA standards require that all self contained breathing apparatus are functionally tested every two years. For an affordable price, our certified and professionally trained technicians can service your Air Paks ensuring the highest quality service.

Services Available

(Please note: These services may not be available in your area)

  • Two mobile service and repair units available with factory trained technicians
  • Knowledge and Training on your Air-Pak
  • Fit testing
  • Technician level classes
  • Hydro testing of your cylinders/Visual Eddy+
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Fit Testing

Air Pak Fit Testing

According to OSHA 29 CRF 1910.134, all respiratory protection is required to be fitted properly before initial use and on an annual basis thereafter. Fit testing is also required if a different make, model or size of facepiece is utilized. Clarey’s Safety Equipment will ensure that your fit testing needs are taken care of!

Types of Air Paks

All 3M Scott Model Air Paks

Please call Clarey’s Safety Equipment toll free at 1-800-588-8009 to talk to a knowledgeable representative for more information about our Air Paks and Air Pak Service. We are here to help answer any questions you have regarding your Air Paks and to ensure you are taken care of as soon as possible! You can also contact us online!