The RIT-PAK Fast Attack offers a small, lightweight, and compact solution for rapid entry and air replenishment to a firefighter in distress. Developed with input from firefighters and instructors across the country, the RIT-Pak Fast Attack provides an intuitive design enabling RIT teams to focus on locating and assessing the downed firefighter. The system is comprised of a pressure reducer, high-pressure charging wand, low-pressure air supply hose, mask-mounted breathing regulator, facepiece, and a lightweight carrying bag.

  • Small, lightweight and compact
  • Available in 4.5 or 5.5 cylinder pressures
  • Available in two bag sizes: small and medium
  • Compatible with 15-min and 30-min cylinders
  • Tactile feel pull handles for easy identification
  • External pressure gauge with photoluminescent display
  • Distinct, audible low pressure whistle alarm
  • Low-pressure hose w/ Dual EBSS manifold
  • Color-coded storage pouches for easy identification
  • Carabiners with captive bar: never lose the carabiner
  • Easy-to-remove and adjustable length shoulder strap

Please note due to territory restrictions – this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, portions of Iowa, North Dakota and Wisconsin.