When you wear 3M Scott Sight, you get more than constant thermal vision. You get your hands back. That’s because unlike other thermal imaging devices integrated into the SCBA, Scott Sight combines a thermal imager with a display in the facepiece without the need for reaching down and lifting a camera up. Firefighters now have both hand free for effective communication, victim extraction and carrying tools.

Maintaining visibility is the key to reducing search times, hazard identification, interior accountability, navigation and egress. With Scott Sight, you will never miss a thing as it is always present, always visible and hands-free. Scott Sight takes situational awareness to a whole new level-Situational intelligence!

  • Simultaneous Power Off – Power off both the In-Mask Display (IMD) & TIC by a single button press on the IMD
  • IMD Instantaneous On – Power the IMD on with a one second push on the IMD power button
  • Standby Mode – Activate Standby Mode with a single push of the TIC power button
  • Powerful and light-  At 8-1/2 ounces you won’t even know it’s there
  • Fits any AV-3000 HT facepiece – Buy altogether or upgrade your current AV-3000 HT facepiece
  • Infinity Lens – Ensures a clear picture with no eyestrain
  • Adjustable Display – Configurable to your line of sight
  • Minimum for-hour battery life – Powerful by simple, everyday AAA batteries
  • User configurable screen options – Different User interfaces for different tastes
  • NIOSH & NFPA certified
  • Globally certified to IS standards by CSA

Please note due to territory restrictions – this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, portions of Iowa, North Dakota and Wisconsin.