3M Versaflo S-857 Hood Assembly – Great Deal!!



The 3M™ Hood Assembly S-857 consists of a S-950 Premium Head Suspension and a S-807 Hood.

It is approved for use with certain 3M™ Powered Air Purifying and Supplied Air Respirator Systems.

  • Sealed seems to help protect when certain liquid hazards may be present
  • Multi-later barrier film used
  • Double shroud design
  • Universal size with independent adjustments for the crown and the head circumference, allowing for a comfortable, custom fit for a wide range of head sizes

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CFM Capacity per Minute
100 CFM, 50 CFM
Compatible With
3M™ Powered Air Purifying and Supplied Air Respirator Systems
Headgear Type
Hood with Suspension
High Heat
Product Series
Supplied Air Respirator Style
Low-Pressure Portable Ambient Air Pump, MST Portable and Fixed Panels, Versaflo™ AP-600 Portable Panels, W-Series Fixed Panels
Valve Type
Air Regulating Valve, Cooling / Heating Valve, Low Pressure Valve