3M Versaflo TR-307N+PAPR – Choose Your Headtop



Workers can customize their respiratory protection system by choosing the headtop. With the option to customize, workers can design a respiratory system that meets their specific needs. Workers enjoy exceptional versatility in designing a system that is customized to the work environment.

  • Choose Your Own Headtop from any of 3M S-Series (Soft) Headtops or M-Series  (Hard) Headtops
  • Get more out of your workday – Longer run time, reduced downtime with a high capacity battery and charge-level indicators to keep you prepared and informed.

Kit Contents:

  • TR-302N+ PAPR Unit
  • TR-332 High Capacity Battery
  • TR-3712N Filter
  • TR-371+ Filter Cover
  • TR-341N Single Station Battery Charger
  • TR-327 Easy Clean Belt
  • TR-3600 Prefilter

Note:   BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube must be purchased separately

Please note that we currently have these PAPRs in stock.

BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube * 



Available Headtops:

  • #M-206 Hard Headgear – Faceshield with Standard Visor and Comfort Faceseal (Most Common for Healthcare)
  • #M-307 Hard Hat Style Hard Headgear – Faceshield with Premium Visor and Hard Hat Head Protection (Most Common for Construction/Industry)
  • #S-133 Soft Headgear – Head and face protection with integrated comfort suspension – Available in S/M or M/L (Allows for easy use of stethoscopes due to open ear area)
  • #S-433 Soft Headgear – Head, face, neck and shoulder coverage with integrated suspension – Available in S/M or M/L
  • #S-403 Economy Soft Headgear – Head, face, neck and shoulder coverage with fabric suspension and inner shroud – Available in S/M or M/L
  • #S-655 Soft Headgear – Hood Assembly with Inner Collar and Premium Head Suspension – Universal Sizing

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