3M Versaflo TR-600 PAPR – Choose Your Headtop

3M Versaflo TR-600 PAPR – Choose Your Headtop



Workers can customize their respiratory protection system by choosing the headtop. With the option to customize, workers can design a respiratory system that meets their specific needs. Workers enjoy exceptional versatility in designing a system that is customized to the work environment.

  • Choose Your Own Headtop from any of 3M S-Series (Soft) Headtops or M-Series  (Hard) Headtops
  • Cover your bases – Utilizes cartridges to protect against gas and organic vapors, combined with filters for protection against particulates.
  • Get more out of your workday – Longer run time, reduced downtime with a high capacity battery and charge-level indicators to keep you prepared and informed.
  • A broader view – See more of your work world with this convenient, maintenance-free disposable headcover.
  • Keeping it clean – Fully submersible product features a smooth surface design that’s quick and easy to clean and decontaminate.

Kit Contents:

  • TR-602N PAPR Unit
  • TR-630 Standard Battery
  • TR-6710N Filter
  • TR-6700FC Filter Cover
  • BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube
  • TR-641N Single Station Battery Charger
  • TR-971 Airflow Indicator
  • TR-653 Cleaning and Storage Kit
  • TR 971 Airflow Indicator
  • TR-991 Carrying Bag

Please note that we currently have a limited quantity of these PAPRs in stock.


Extended Battery Option

Exchange Standard Battery for Extended Duration Version (Please note that this option will delay delivery of the PAPR for at least two weeks)


Available Headtops:

  • #M-206 Hard Headgear – Faceshield with Standard Visor and Comfort Faceseal (Most Common for Healthcare)
  • #M-307 Hard Hat Style Hard Headgear – Faceshield with Premium Visor and Hard Hat Head Protection (Most Common for Construction/Industry)
  • #S-133 Soft Headgear – Head and face protection with integrated comfort suspension – Available in S/M or M/L (Allows for easy use of stethoscopes due to open ear area)
  • #S-433 Soft Headgear – Head, face, neck and shoulder coverage with integrated suspension – Available in S/M or M/L
  • #S-403 Economy Soft Headgear – Head, face, neck and shoulder coverage with fabric suspension and inner shroud – Available in S/M or M/L
  • #S-655 Soft Headgear – Hood Assembly with Inner Collar and Premium Head Suspension – Universal Sizing

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