Aervoe LED Super Road Flares


  • An advanced version of our standard LED flare. It is slightly larger for double the light output and has two rows of amber LED lights.
  • Applications: identify road hazards, signal for help, mark detours or repair applications
  • Ideal for emergency responders
  • Does not produce a flame, smoke, or harmful bi-products
  • Does not require batteries! Recharges so that it is ready for use when needed.
  • Each flare has 24 super bright LEDs that are visible up to 2 miles
  • 7 flashing patterns including SOS Rescue (Morse Code)
  • Intrinsically safe design with a rubber-tight seal (not certified)
  • Powerful magnet to attach to metal surfaces
  • Crush proof
  • Corrosion proof
  • Waterproof
  • Operating Temp. 14°F- 122°F (-10 °C – 50°C)
  • US Patent #D654,387S and 8,550,653B
  • DOT & Traffic Safety Compliance:
    • U.S. DOT (FMCSA) 49 CFR 392.25 & 393.95 (g)
    • MUTCD Type A (flashing) and Type C (solid on)
    • NFPA 1901 Standards for Traffic Safety, Section 6.7.3 Miscellaneous Equipment.

Available Styles:

  • Single pack with a 120 volt wall charger, 12 volt vehicle charger, USB charger and storage bag
  • Four pack with four flares in a recharging storage case, 120 volt wall charger, 12 volt vehicle charger and two flex-fit tripods
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