Kussmaul Air Eject

Kussmaul Air Eject

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The Air Eject is a simple, air operated, pneumatic connector, which permits connecting an air pressure line to a vehicle. When the engine is cranked, the Air Eject automatically disconnects the air line, thus preventing the vehicle from being driven away with the line connected. A solenoid valve wired to the vehicle’s starter is energized when the engine is started. This provides air pressure to a cylinder, which extends to release the air line. The Air Eject is supplied with the mating air line connector, and check valve. Installation and wiring on the vehicle are simple, and easily accomplished.

  • 140 and 175 PSI
  • Truck side mount pneumatic connector accepts standard air hose adapters to maintain pressure on vehicle brake system when in station
  • Upon engine start coupler disconnects and ejects air line, preventing hazardous and damaging drive-off with hose connected
  • Minimum 20 PSI required for eject
  • 2 year warranty


Input12 Vdc
Warranty2 Years
Weight2 Lbs
PSI Rating140 PSI Max
Ejection Units, Input Voltage12
Ejection Unit, PSI140 And 175