Beluga Glass Cutting Kit

Beluga Glass Cutting Kit


  • Attaches to any standard drill
  • Is not fixed to your drill allowing you to rotate freely around corners and obstacles
  • Interior dust is minimized due to the tight manufacturing tolerance of the blade
  • Kit includes cutting head, starting hole pick hammer, two 65 pound pull suction cups, safety glasses, carry bag and instructions
  • Watch this in action on YouTube:  Beluga Glass Cutting Kit


Beluga Glass Cutting Kit…  Cuts Windshields Like Butter!
It takes little effort to quickly remove a windshield,  just push the Beluga gently through the glass… No need to push hard or strain, because the Beluga does all the work.  Cover the victim,  attach suction cups to the windshield, poke a small hole with the provided pick hammer, insert blade, cut out the windshield, lift off with the provided suction cups.   If you don’t need to remove the entire windshield, just cut out what you need, or remove it all.  It’s simple, fast and neat.  Glass chips are kept to a minimum inside the vehicle because the upward thrust of the cutter blade pushes most of the glass debris outside of the vehicle.

Attach to your favorite cordless drill – driver, (not included). The Beluga rotates freely on your drill so you can cruise around corners at lightning speed without re-pokeing the windshield at every turn.   Blade and shoe profiles are tight, limiting glass dust on the inside of the vehicle.   Works great on laminated hurricane windows too!

Pick Hammer
The FS2214 Beluga Glass Cutting Kit includes a heavy, balanced pick hammer.  This tool was chosen for its ability to quickly and easily punch a small hole in the windshield, one good shot and you have the perfect purchase point for the Beluga Tool to enter.   The hammer has a large rubber coated “grip handle” so it works well with extrication and firefighting gloves.   If you have ever tried to pop a hole in a windshield with a Halligan tool, you know it could bounce back up and hit you in the face.  This will not happen with the pick hammer supplied in the Beluga Glass Cutting Kit.

Replaceable Blades
The Beluga Glass Cutting Tool uses replaceable hardened cutting blades that were specially designed to cut laminated glass.  The clearance between the movable blade and the fixed blade is less than 1 -thousandth of an inch.  This tight clearance limits the amount of glass dust that can drop into the vehicle. It also minimizes large glass chips.    However, as with any glass cutting method, glass fragments will drop into the vehicle.  It is very important that you protect the victim from glass chips,  as you would with any other tool.

The Drill is Not Included with Beluga Glass Cutter Kit
Most heavy rescue rigs carry a few cordless drills or impact drivers, chargers and batteries already,  and everyone prefers a different brand.  Since there are so many quality battery driven tools on the market there is no reason to burden your department and shrinking compartments and budgets with yet another electric tool, charger and spare battery.

Since 9 out of 10 failures are attributed to drill motor and battery failures, you do not have to replace the Beluga Glass Cutter if your drill fails.  Just snap on another drill or impact driver and you’re back in business.   This is especially important when you’re in the middle of an extrication.

The problem with a fixed cutting tool and drill is you are stuck with the position they are set in when manufactured.   That means the drill, pistol grip and battery hang in one position in relation to the cutting head and cannot be changed.  When cutting a windshield with a fixed tool, the vehicles body can interfere with the drills pistol handle and battery.   In some cases in order to make turns, you have to remove and reposition the tool.   The Beluga Glass Cutter is not fixed to the body of the drill, allowing the drill and pistol grip to be rotated into any position in relation to the blade.  This feature allows you to avoid obstructions and is comfortable for the operator, even in the middle of a cut.   Since the tool head can rotate on the drill, you can pass it off to your partner to continue the cut, as shown in our video at the top of this page.  No other tool on the market can do that as safely.


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