Body Fluid Clean Up Kit

Body Fluid Clean Up Kit



These kits ensure personal protection from bloodborne pathogens and are ideal for the clean-up of bodily fluids Swift body fluid clean-up kits may be used in schools, vehicles, or any industrial setting

  • Clean up kit ensures personal protection from blood borne pathogens
    ● Includes two pairs of gloves, red bio-hazard waste bag, twist tie, liquid treatment system measures 3/4 ounce, two disposable towels, two anti-microbial wipes, face mask with eye shield, pick up scoop with scraper, gown and surface cleaning wipe
    ● Ideal for the clean up of bodily fluids
    ● Clean up kit ensures personal protection from bloodborne pathogens
  • Available in either a plastic case or a refill only package
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Kit Includes:
(1) 029990 Latex gloves (pair) (1) 021602 Red bio-hazard bags (1) 021605Body fluid clean-up absorbent (1) 35570TW Disposable towel (1) 153440Anti-microbial wipe (1) 021625 Face mask with eye shield (1) 5517170 Pick-up scoop with scraper (1) 021630 Gown (1) 1533050 8″ x 11″ SOS surface cleaning wipes
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» Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit

» Poly Bag

Refill Includes:

1) Pair of Vinyl Gloves, (1) 3/4 oz. Pouch of Absorbent, (1) Scoop Shovel, (1) Surface Disinfectant, (1) Protective Polypropylene Gown, (1) Pair of Shoe Covers, (1) Eye Shield and Mask, (1) Antimicrobial Hand Wipes and (2) Paper Towels

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