One thing fire departments have always been proud of is the appearance of their vehicles. Of course, this requires a lot of time and labor that could be used in more important places. We have developed a means of cleaning and polishing fire vehicles that is the cheapest, fastest and easiest available anywhere. All you have to do is simply brush or spray it on, let it sit for a minute, then hose or rinse it off. That’s all there is to it. No heavy brushing or scrubbing and the trucks don’t even have to be wiped dry because there are never any spots. When the material dries it leaves a high gloss shine because of the built-in wax. So when the trucks come in, just put it on, rinse it off and the trucks are cleaned and polished in one easy step and it just takes a couple of minutes. With a minimum diluton rate of 200 to 1 with water, it is also the most economical product on the market. To top it off, the thin coat of wax is removed everytime you wash, eliminating any wax buildup and leaving your vehicles always looking new.

2.5 Gallon Containers

Case is two (2) 2.5 gallons containers

Price listed is for one 2.5 gallon ontainer

When purchasing a full case – it ships free!