Wedge-It Door Wedge

Wedge-It Door Wedge


  • The Wedge-It is the world’s most versatile doorstop that holds Doors open 3 ways.
  • The WEDGE-IT is a compact door stop that was designed by Emergency Service Personnel to hold doors open to a 90 degree angle.
  • The Wedge-It can be placed in any of 3-different locations (top, middle or bottom) of a door.
  • Made in the U.S.A from 100% recycled plastic.
  • It has been adopted by many trades, professions, disciplines and crafts because of it’s convenience and ease of use.
  • Colors:   Green, Orange, Black, Yellow, Olive Drab, Bright Yellow, Pink and Blue



The Wedge-It can be used three different ways to hold a door open at a 90 degree angle: On top of the door, over the Hinge Pin, or on the floor.


Weighing less than 3 ounces and small enough to fit in your pocket, the Wedge-It is the ultimate portable and durable doorstop.


A trusted doorstop of Emergency, Fire Services and Hotels around the world.

How it works 

The Wedge-It is designed to hold an interior or exterior door open to a 90 degree angle. It can be placed in any of 3 locations on a door:

Top of the Door

With door open to a 90 degree angle place the Wedge-It on top of the door between door and door jamb. The Wedge-It is designed with 4 different settings to fit between the top of the door and the door jamb (see below). This is because that distance varies between doors.

Over the Hinge Pin

With door open to a 90 degree angle place the Wedge-It over hinge between the door and the door jamb.

On The Floor

The Wedge-It can be used rubber pad side down on the floor like a traditional wooden or rubber door

Bottom of Doors with Larger gap

If the gap at the bottom of the door is greater than 2 inches, placement of the Wedge-It in a vertical position could / would hold the door open.*Placement and success of the Wedge-It doorstop is dependent upon the door. Holding a Door open at any angle

Holding a Door open at any angle

One Wedge-It can be placed at the end of the door or 2 Wedge-Its can be placed on either side of the door to keep it open at varying angles.

*This placement and success of the Wedge-It is dependent upon the door


Ribbed construction for maximum strength while weighing less than 3 ounces.
Extremely durable Polycarbonate plastic construction, the same as bullet proof glass.
Small enough to fit in a pocket, strong enough to hold open the largest of doors and portable enough to hang on a uniform or trauma kit.
Designed with a hole to assist with carrying and storage.
Brightly colored for easy visibility to prevent attempts at closing the door while in use.
Over-molded with Thermal Plastic Rubber pads to prevent sliding when placed on top of door or on the floor with a smooth surfaces.
Notched to fit over top of hinge pin.
Made in the U.S.A from 100% recycled Polycarbonate plastic.
Eliminates the use of rolled up newspapers, flower pots, doormats or other objects to hold doors open.

Improvements to the Wedge-It

The Wedge-It has been redesigned to incorporate a few improvements.
Rubber is now molded on to the Polycarbonate plastic body so it will never come off.
The strategically placed hole is now larger which makes it easier for the attachment to safety coats, vests, belt loops, trauma kits, tool boxes and countless other individual applications.
There are now two rubber pads where the Wedge-It comes in contact with the back of the door and doorjamb when placed over the hinge. This will prevent any chipped paint or indentations on wooden doors and jambs.

Who can use the Wedge-It Tool

Safety Agencies 

Many public and private Emergency Services / Security Agencies use the Wedge-It doorstops to prevent door closures in the course of completing tasks and missions. Current disciplines using the Wedge-It include:
Bomb Squad
Special Operations
Fire Services
Urban Search and Rescue
Ambulance Personnel
Public and Private Security Agencies

Trades & Businesses

The Wedge-It doorstop’s functionality is not limited to emergency services. Countless industries and businesses rely on the Wedge-It in their everyday operations:
Hotel/Motel Industries
Food and Beverage
Moving and Delivery Companies
Construction Services
Plumbers & Electricians
Janitorial Industries
Retail Stores
Stadiums/Event Venues

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