EMI Fire-Power™ Rescue Tool

EMI Fire-Power™ Rescue Tool

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Fire-Power™ is the one tool that will forever change the way you will respond! In developing the ultimate rescue tool EMI has combined seven essential lifesaving functions in one tool. The Fire-Power™ is a pliers, cutter, gas shut off tool, pry bar, spanner wrench and a seat belt cutter. The spring loaded cushioned hand grips fit comfortably in your hand and allows the rescuer to cut and grasp with ease. It’s unique locking clip secures the tool and allows for stability and accurate performance. Fire-Power™ was designed by all 1st responder personnel in emergencies ranging from firefighting to auto extrication. Made from high carbon steel it is approximately 10-1/2″ in length and weighs 26 oz.

  • One tool that can forever change the way you will respond
  • Seven essential lifesaving functions in one tool
  • Pliers, cutter, gas shut-off tool, pry bar, spanner wrench, window punch and a set-belt cutter
  • High carbon steel
  • Approximately 10.5” long and weights 26 ounces