Firequip DJ800 Double Jacket Fire Hose


  • White double jacketed 100% high tenacity spun polyester or Wearguard treated colored hose
  • Extruded synthetic EPDM runner lining
  • Coupled with lightweight NST male x female couplings
  • Pressure tested to 800 PSI – service 400 PSI – burst 1200 PSI
  • Ten Year Warrenty
SKU: DJ10WA, DJ10WB, DJ10WD, DJ10YA, DJ10YB, DJ10YD, DJ15WA, DJ15WB, DJ_A, DJ15_B, DJ15_D, DJ17WA, DJ17WB, DJ17WD, DJ17_A, DJ17_B, DJ17_D, DJ20WA, DJ20WB, DJ20WD, DJ20_A, DJ20_B, DJ20_D, DJ25WA, DJ25WB, DJ25WD, DJ25_A, DJ25_B, DJ25_D, DJ30WA, DJ30WB, DJ30WD, DJ30_A, DJ30_B, DJ30_D, Categories: , Tag:

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