McLeod Tool – Flamefighter

McLeod Tool – Flamefighter

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The McLeod Tool is primarily used in the Forestry Service. It features a 3/16″ plate steel head that has been cut to form deep teeth. The handle is our standard heavy duty tubing with a 1.25″ OD and 0.9″ID for maximum strength to weight. The head is attached to the fiberglass handle with two (2) spring pins to allow for field replacement. The back edge is sharpened at an angle that results in a durable edge. It is an excellent tool for clearing undergrowth, leaves and debris. The head can be rotated to expose the sharpened edge for light chopping and cutting. (This tool is also excellent in the garden.)


Conquer the wilderness or your backyard with unrivaled efficiency using the McLeod Tool. Designed with the needs of Forest Rangers, trail builders, firefighters, and garden enthusiasts in mind, this versatile staple of forestry gear is now your best ally in land management tasks.

Key Features:

  • Robust Construction: Featuring a formidable 3/16″ plate steel head, the McLeod Tool is built to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether you’re combating wildfires or reshaping your garden, our tool is up for the task.
  • Dual-Purpose Design: With multi-functional capabilities, the head boasts deep teeth on one side for comprehensive raking. Flip it over to utilize the sharpened flat hoe end for efficient digging and cutting through stubborn roots and soil.
  • Stand-Up Utility: A thoughtful design allows the McLeod Tool to stand upright without soil penetration, providing ease of use and quick accessibility in any situation.
  • Heavy-Duty Handle: A staple of quality, the durable fiberglass handle measures 1.25″ in outside diameter and 0.9″ in inside diameter, striking an optimal balance between strength and weight.
  • Simple Maintenance: Equipped with two spring pins, the head is attachable to the handle, allowing for convenient field replacement without the need for specialized tools.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Beyond its primary role in wildfire suppression and trail maintenance, it excels in gardening. Its design makes it perfect for clearing underbrush, leaves, and debris. Rotate the head, and the sharp edge becomes a light chopper for tougher gardening jobs.

Whether you’re taming wild landscapes or cultivating your personal garden oasis, the McLeod Tool provides the reliability and adaptability you require. Invest in a tool that delivers professional results across multiple fronts – the McLeod Tool is not just an instrument; it’s an extension of your will to shape, maintain, and restore the natural world.

Expand the capabilities of your outdoor toolkit today and experience the difference of having a McLeod by your side.

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