The next generation of untethered extrication. We started the redesign with the drive unit, adding a brushless motor that makes more power. Encased it with newly designed state of the art housing equipped with impact resistant polymer. This allowed us to squeeze more run time out of the M28 battery by nearly double. Upgrading the heart of the drive unit allowed us a higher operating speed. eForce is driven by a brushless motor with neodymium magnets and a rotating case that are manufactured using the latest technology from the finest quality materials. The hardened steel 5/16 inch shaft is supported by three ball bearings, and the overall robust construction ensures a long service life.

  • 21.3” long, 11.4” wide and 4.5” deep
  • Weight 35.7#
  • 35.8” open length
  • Operating pressure 10,500 PSI
  • Maximum spreading force 24,953#
  • NFPA approved
  • Ram Extensions are available in sizes: 7″, 10″ or 12″

Please note due to territory restrictions – this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. Please contact us for more information on these and other Genesis products