• Cut total glass removal time to less than 1 minute.
  • The storage of the spring loaded center punch in the Glas-Master has also proven to be an advantage. In the past, the window punch was frequently lost or misplaced. Keeping the window punch in the Glas-Master has reduced tool loss and reduced the “seek and find” time.
  • Now with a new BLADE DESIGN that reduces the windshield glass fragmentation by 33% over the conventional blade. This new blade will cut smoother and with less effort than before.
  • This new style is only available in the 4-6 tooth cutting blade.
  • Wehr Engineering has developed this revolutionary tool to expedite the removal of all vehicular glass, reduce the risk of trauma to the patient, and provide increased rescuer confidence in safely tackling this task.
  • EFFECTIVE – Cuts rescue time significantly.
  • VERSATILE – Use on fiberglass, wood, plaster, etc. Used for underwater rescue.
  • SAFE – Less danger to entrapped victims and user.