The Grizzly Bus and Truck Kit fills the need for reliable heavy rescue shoring kit. It is manufactured of the highest grade aluminum and tested to its absolute limits to ensure quality. In addition, it is also very easy to use, requiring very little additional training to be effective.

Quick: The Grizzly strut stores in a ready-to-go configuration. Simply add the appropriate extension, set the positive lock pin after extending the rod, and attach the hook to the vehicle then tighten the ratchet strap. Each Grizzly strut can be in place and stabilizing the vehicle in less than one minute.

Simple: The end attachment and extensions can quickly be added or removed. Each Grizzly strut has only one pin making it simple to set up. Each strut can be adjusted from 33″ up to 49″. Grizzly struts are design to be easy to use and quick to set up.

Versatile: Grizzle stabilization struts are primarily design for heavy rescue, but are compact enough to be taken to every call.

Kit weights 114 lbs. (51.7kg). Strut capacity is 40,000lbs. (18,144kg)

Grizzly Kit includes:

  • (2) 33″ to 49″ adjustable struts
  • (4) heavy duty ratchet straps with J-hook
  • (4) 30″ extensions
  • (2) End Attachments
  • (1) Carrying Case