Store a wide variety of equipment in a very small footprint!

Set up as a combination storage system depending on your department’s needs or choose from a pre-configured package.


  • 51″ wide x 21″ deep x 60″ tall
  • Constructed of heavy-duty steel with a red powder coat finish
  • Complete with (4) 5″ heavy-duty casters
  • Can store (24) SCBA units, up to 32 air cylinders or 1,400′ of 2.5″ hose
  • Combination units available for multiply equipment storage

Pre-Configured Packages:

  • Hose Configuration #MPSS-H includes (3) #SB-2 hose ledges
  • SCBA Configuration #MPSS-S includes (24) #LBSC L-brackets (specify cylinder size)
  • Cylinder Configuration #MPSS-C includes (8) #VSGS-2420 shelves and (8) #LBSC L-brackets (specify cylinder size)
  • Hose and Cylinder Configuration #MPSS-HC includes (2) #SB-1 hose ledges and (4) #VSGS-2420 shelves
  • Hose/SCBA/Cylinder Configuration #MPSS-HSC includes (3) #VSGS-2420 shelves, (2) SB-1 and  (1) SB-2 hose ledges and (8) #LBSC L-brackets (specify cylinder size)

Need a different configurations – simply purchase the #MPSS-BU base unit only without shelves and add the specific accessories to design a unit to meet your particular needs.   Please note that you may need to purchase the accessories separately to get correct quantities needed.

Accessories Only For Custom Build:

  • SB1-Single Compartment Hose Ledge
  • SB2-Double Compartment Hose Ledge
  • VSGS-2420-V-Shelf Cylinders
  • LBSC Air Pak L Bracket With (2) Speed Clips (Specify 5″, 6″ or 7″ diameter cylinders)