Honeywell BW™ MicroClip XL 4 Gas Monitor – %LEL/O2/H2S/CO

Honeywell BW™ MicroClip XL 4 Gas Monitor – %LEL/O2/H2S/CO


The BW Honeywell Gas Alert MicroClip XL 4 Gas Monitor is a popular gas monitor thanks to its small size, durability, extended battery life and ease of use.  The MicroClip XL is a reliable diffusion monitor ideal for a range of emergency situations. The one-button operation ensures you or your workers can easily access all major features with very little training required.


Features & Benefits

  • One button operations
  • Used up-to 18 hours on single 4-hour charge
  • Durable, rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Real-time gas concentrations shown on LCD
  • Bright, wide-angle visual alarm bars
  • IP68 rating ensures maximum protection against dust and water
  • Multi-language support in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Compatible with IntelliDoX docking station for automated bump tests and calibration

See product brochure for additional information: honeywell_bw_microclip_series_datasheet


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