Innotex Endurance Integrated Knee Guard System

Innotex Endurance Integrated Knee Guard System

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The industry’s first integrated knee guard system streamlined, ergonomically designed 3-D patted knee sleeve, designed to follow your knees not your pants.

Crawling, kneeling, hitting obstacles hidden by smoke, falling hard on your knees in the heat of the action, your knees come under a great deal of stress.

The ENDURANCE™ Knee Guard’s streamlined design is lightweight, comfortable and flexible, and provides superior protection without the bulk for optimal mobility whether you walk, run or crawl.

Available with INNOTEX® ENERGY™ Turnout Pants.

  • HEAVY-DUTY ABRASION-RESISTANT KEVLAR® MESH – Provides air circulation and delivers field-proven durability
  • PERFORATED 1⁄2‘’ CLOSED-CELL FOAM – Light and flexible energy-absorbing protection. Retains its shape. Allows proper ventilation and stays dry. Maximizes thermal and compressive protection.
  • INTERNAL LINING – Slips on easily, wicks moisture away and dries quickly
  • ARAMID/FR VISCOSE STRETCH KNIT BAND – Keeps the padding close to the kneecap without squeezing
  • KEVLAR® WEBBING PULL-UP TABS – Facilitates donning and provides structural reinforcement
  • ATTACHMENT BAND WITH HOOK-AND-LOOP FASTENING – Attaches to the pant liner’s Kevlar® webbing tether band. Allows knee sleeve to be adjusted to 3 different heights.
  • KEVLAR® WEBBING TETHER BAND – Sturdily box-stitched to the reinforced thermal liner

For a custom fit, the Endurance™ padded knee sleeve is offered in three sizes – measure the circumference of the knee:

  • Medium – less than 18″
  • Large – 18″ to 20″
  • XL – More than 20″
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Designed to follow your knees not your pants, our innovative patent-pending ENDURANCE™ Knee Guard System features an ergonomically designed padded knee sleeve tethered to the inside of your pants. Together, the padding and the adjustable tether work as a unit to provide complete, close-fitting, flexible and stable knee protection.

The contoured padding wraps around your knees when you kneel, providing full frontal and lateral protection, and releases when you stand, allowing air to flow freely between your knee and the pad.

The tethering system lets you adjust the knee sleeve to the desired height and ensures that the protective pad stays securely in place, always exactly where it should be. Made of perforated closed-cell foam, the padding allows for air circulation and doesn’t retain water. Optimal protection and mobility all in one. Crawling, kneeling, hitting obstacles hidden by smoke, falling hard on your knees: in the heat of the action your knees come under a great deal of stress. When your knees hit the ground, you need dependable protection that will not shift or limit your mobility


Provides a flexible fit. Contours the knee when kneeling. Extends a few inches down over the top of the shin.


Provides more robust protection for the outside of the knee and more streamlined protection on the inside for enhanced mobility.


Designed for hassle-free donning, our knee guard system won’t get in the way of your bootstraps. When it’s time to go, just grab your bootstraps and slip your pants on as usual; the padded knee sleeve will adjust to your knee. For cleaning or decontamination* purposes, the padded knee sleeve is easy to remove, wash and put back in place.

*When paired with our INNOTEX® GRAY™ particulate-blocking Interface System, the padded sleeve is protected from contamination.

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