Zytron® 500 is the classic emergency responder choice for hazmat response and other demanding situations. It’s tough, built for mobility, and based on patented technology that created the first material to survive eight full hours against the ASTM F1001 Test Battery with no breakthrough. Now with an extensive chemicals-tested list numbering in the hundreds, it’s no wonder that responders around the world trust Z500 garments for ultra-demanding Level A and Level B applications.

Model #Z5H582 is a HazMat model with Front Entry and the following features:

  • AquaSeal® Gas-Tight Zipper
  • Double Storm Flaps with Hook & Loop Closure
  • Expanded View AntiFog Visor System with Additional FEP Overlay
  • Expanded Back
  • Attached Field Replaceable 2N1® Glove System
  • Attached Sock Booties with Splash Guards
  • Knee Reinforcements
  • 2 Exhaust Valves

Available in Orange and Charcoal

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