Genesis Kodiak Accessory Kit

Genesis Kodiak Accessory Kit



The Kodiak Accessory kit features 3 new heads designed to make stabilization easier. The Conical Point head can be driven into sheet metal with the deadblow hammer. This allows the Kodiak to be placed on fenders, doors, roofs or anywhere a heavy sheet metal “skin” can be punctured. The Chain Wedge head allows the Kodiaks to be used with the HD #2 chain kit or any 3/8” chain and hook assembly. The V-head allows the Kodiaks to be placed more securely along rails and frames of overturned vehicles.

Please note due to territory restrictions – this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.



Included in the kit: 

  • 1-Conical Point Head
  • 1-Chain Wedge
  • 1-V-Head
  • 1-3LB Deadblow Hammer
  • 8-Spikes
  • 1-Carry Case


  • Length (In) 15
  • Width (In) 6
  • Depth (In) 5
  • Weight (Lbs) 8.5