• 30A, 120V, 175PSI
  • Heavy duty pin and sleeve contacts provide reliable connection over years of insertion/eject cycles
  • Air connection made through a brass fitting containing a shut-off valve. Shut-off valve opens when plug is inserted to supply air pressure to the vehicle. Shut-off valve closes automatically when plug is ejected sealing off the air supply air
  • Upon sensing engine start, the plug ejects from receptacle and away from vehicle path; eliminating dangerous severing of cord
  • Air-Electric energizing is delayed until detector pin senses plug is inserted, eliminating terminal arcing


  • Input: 10 to 18 Vdc, 1.6 Amps Max
  • Output: 120 Vac Max, 30 Amps, 175 PSI Max
  • Output Fuse (Supplied): 2 Amps
  • Weight: 7 lbs