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Every piece of gear you carry needs to matter. Action Wipes are a compact multipurpose hygiene essential for Firefighters and First Responders.

Cancer Risk Mitigation
According to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, “Cancer has become the most dangerous threat to the health and safety of America’s firefighters.”  As a Firefighter, one of your many concerns is the removal of toxins and contaminants from your skin to help minimize your risk of Cancer.

Use Action Wipes as part of your Standard Operating Procedures to help firefighters remove toxic soot from their exposed areas of skin immediately while still on the fire scene.

Wildland Fire Scenes
Action Wipes are a compact hygiene essential and wound care tool for your Line Gear & Travel Bag.

Personal Hygiene – Showers may not be available, but you can still take care of the basics.  Action Wipes natural ingredients and signature sudsing action lift contaminants and clean the body of ash, soot, grime, sweat and odor without drying out your skin.

Poison Oak/Ivy Mitigation – Action Wipes reduce the effect of Poison Oak/Ivy.  Our natural ingredients such as Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils provide antiseptic, anti-fungal and drying properties that help remove the urushiol oils from your skin and reduce inflammation and itching.

Wound Care – Having Action Wipes in you pack gives you additional wound care protection and disinfecting tools for irrigating wounds or helping to soothe and heal cuts, scratches, rashes and burns.

Why They Work
Action Wipes are the only body wipe on the market to carry EWG VERIFIED status which raises the bar for safety, quality of ingredients and transparency for tools firefighters use to remove toxins off their body. Made with naturally anti-bacterial Tea Tree & Eucalyptus oils, Action Wipes contain NO alcohol, parabens or perfumes. The signature sudsing action breaks down oily soot and lifts contaminants off exposed skin to clean the body and remove toxic carcinogens. The scent is natural, dissipates quickly and dries clean with no sticky residue. The fabric is durable and can hold up to brisk scrubbing and won’t pill up or leave additional wipe debris on rough or unshaven skin.

Protect yourself and your crew with Action Wipes

Available in a 25 count soft pack dispenser or a bulk pack of 500 single pack wipes.

Proudly made in the USA

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