Lightning X Waterproof Hi-Vis First Aid Kit

Lightning X Waterproof Hi-Vis First Aid Kit

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A must-have for schools, sports teams, hiking, biking, camping, travel and other family activities. Our 104 piece first aid kit contains a healthy assortment of first aid and survival supplies necessary to deal with a number of emergency situations, plus it now comes with a 2 liter DRY bag. This not only makes the kit waterproof, but it will also float! The dry bag comes with a adjustable shoulder strap, so it can be worn over the shoulder, or even stashed in a backpack. Don’t let the size fool you though – we didn’t skimp on the supplies.

The bag is easily identifiable and made of hi-vis fluorescent yellow fabric on top, with a semi-reflective piping across the front with the words “FIRST AID KIT” printed in all caps below. In addition, the bag features dual zippers that can be tagged together to prevent tampering and identify, when and if, the kit has been opened. This is helpful for companies that may have multiple kits in service in the field and want to keep them fully stocked at all times.

  • Full list of supplies in product description below
  • Outer Dry Bag is waterproof and floats
  • Hi-vis fluorescent yellow for safety & visibility
  • Includes adjustable shoulder strap with 3 attachment points
  • 104 emergency medical & survival supplies – 33 unique items
  • Weight 1.25 lbs
  • Color:  Black
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The following is a full list of supplies and quantities in each kit:

  • Fire Starter and Flint (1)
  • Paracord (1)
  • Medical Gloves (1pr)
  • Triangle Bandage (2)
  • Sting Relief Pads (4)
  • Sewing Kit (1)
  • Bandage Shears (1)
  • Safety Pins (4)
  • Rescue Whistle (1)
  • Razor Blade (1)
  • Rain Poncho (1)
  • Moleskin Blister Relief Pad (1)
  • Metal Tweezers (1)
  • Glow Stick (1)
  • Sterile Gauze Pads (3)
  • Medical Tape 1/2″ (1 roll)
  • Carabiner (1)
  • LED Flashlight (1)
  • Emergency Foil Blanket (1)
  • Elastic Conforming Bandage (1)
  • CPR Facemask (1)
  • Cotton Tip Applicator (10)
  • Compass (1)
  • Instant Cold Compress (1)
  • Butterfly Closure Strips (6)
  • Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes (6)
  • Alcohol Prep Pads (10)
  • Standard Adhesive Bandage (25)
  • Adhesive Knuckle Bandage (3)
  • Adhesive Fingertip Bandage (3)
  • Extra Large Adhesive Bandage (4)
  • Abdominal ABD Trauma Bandage (1)

The dry bag comes with a shoulder strap and a quick release clip so it can be attached to pretty much anything or worn over the shoulder.



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