Rae MultiRAE Pro Portable Multi-Threat Monitor – Radiation & Chemical Detection

Rae MultiRAE Pro Portable Multi-Threat Monitor – Radiation & Chemical Detection



This industry-leading wireless device monitors both chemical threats and gamma radiation and is the only multi-threat monitor with parts per billion precision (non-wireless version also available). With the ability to wirelessly transmit threat and alarm data in real time to a central command station, the MultiRAE Pro offers improved visibility and awareness. It also gives you the flexibility to swap out 25 different sensors for a range of threats, including VOCs, toxic gases, combustibles, oxygen levels, as well as gamma radiation detection. The large display and replaceable sensors, pump, and battery make it easy to use and maintain, while five different alarms, including man down, provide the versatility you need to respond appropriately and quickly to incidents.

  • Parts per billion VOC measurement
  • Industry-leading wireless multi-threat device
  • Simultaneous monitoring of chemical threats and gamma radiation
  • Real-time data access from central command
  • More than 25 different chemical sensors
  • Swappable sensors
  • Man down alarm
  • Simple maintenance with replaceable sensors, pump, and battery
  • Fully automatic bump testing and calibration with AutoRAE 2 (not included)
  • 5-way local and remote wireless alarm
  • Mil-STD-810G certified
  • Device Management with Honeywell Sotera™ Express
  • Applications: CBRNE, hazmat response, indoor air quality, urban search & rescue, venue protection

Available in wireless and non-wireless versions as well as being available with confined space and calibration kits or just monitor only

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Monitor-Only Configuration Includes:

  •  MultiRAE Pro monitor with sensors, pump, battery and wireless options
    as specified, and protective rubber boot, swivel belt clip and filter installed
  • Continuous datalogging (6 months for 5 sensors @ 1-minute intervals)
  • Travel charger / PC communications adapter
  • Desktop Charger / PC communication cable
  • AC adapter
  • Calibration adapter
  • Alkaline battery adapter
  • Toolkit with Hex tool and Phillips screwdriver
  • PID sensor cap removal tool
  • PID zeroing filter (P/N: 008-3024-000)
  • 3 spare external filters
  • Flexi probe with inlet adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • CD with documentation
  • ProRAE Studio II Instrument Configuration and Data Management Software
  • Calibration and test certificate
  • Warranty / registration card
  • 10 charcoal VOC filters for CO sensor
  • Instrument ships in a “Pelican” case with custom foam that can also accommodate
    accessories and up to 4 gas cylinders and 3 regulators

Monitor with Confined Space and Calibration Kits Includes:

  • Equipment listed above
  • Remote Sample Draw Kit (P/N: 008-3015-200)
    – 10″ (26 cm) aluminum sample probe with replaceable filters,
    – 3 hydrophobic barrier filters
    – 10′ (3 m) self-coiling Teflon® tubing with Luer-style quick-connect filters
  • 4-gas mix (34L; 50% LEL, 18% O, 10 ppm HS, 50 ppm CO, with regulator)
  • 10 ppm and 100 ppm Isobutylene gas (34L) with regulator

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