Even our strongest and bravest have to be protected. In fact, they deserve the highest level of security as they risk their lives in hazardous conditions in hopes of saving someone else. In order to provide one extra layer of confidence and peace of mind during an emergency situation, we have developed an innovative and state of the art Emergency air supply system for firefighters. In its unique design, this exclusive model shines far above that of competitors or prior iterations of a similar device, The RIT-Pak III is the fire service industry’s first all-inclusive portable air supply system and one of the most comprehensive RIT system available on the market. Developed with input from RIT instructors and firefighters from across the country, the 3M Scott RIT-Pak III is field designed and tested. Even in the most hazardous of conditions, obstructing visibility due to smoke or debris, this model can be seen due to its sleek material and reflective stripes. It provides functionality without inconvenience, as it can be easily and securely strapped onto a downed firefighter, providing easy access to rescue and expediting the process for recovery from a dangerous situation. The system is comprised of a pressure reducer, high-pressure charging wand, low-pressure air supply hose and a highly durable carrying device. The airpak scba also includes an audible alarm, loud enough to be heard in even the most tumultuous or chaotic scenarios. We ensured that our ritpak iii was field designed and tested by firefighters, so that they can hold the same level of confidence that we do in the product that could ultimately save their life.

  • Available in 2.2, 4.5 or 5.5 cylinder pressures
  • Accommodates up to a 75-min cylinder duration
  • Hi-Viz orange with reflective strips
  • Skid plate for ease of dragging and added durability
  • External pressure gauge with HUD style lights
  • Audible bell alarm
  • Universal capable low-pressure hose

Please note due to territory restrictions – this product is only available for delivery to Minnesota, portions of Iowa, North Dakota and Wisconsin.