Avon RIT Team Gear Bag/Combo Rope ‘N Tool Bag


  • Best selling RIT bag
  • Bag has rigid bottom with rails for protection from ground elements and to support tool weight
  • Comfort grip handle
  • 3 mini pockets on the inside
  • Large zippered pocket on the outside
  • Constructed of 18 oz Rip Stop Vinyl
  • Color: blue or orange


Model RIT150:

Heavy duty zipped top.  Bag holds up to 200′ of 9mm rescue rope.  Bag has carabiner to hold rope in place.  Padded shoulder strap and grab handles.  Meets NFPA 701 Flame Resistance.   Available in Blue or Orange.

Model RIT200:

Hottest selling RIT team bag. Rigid bottom with rails and three mini-pockets on the inside with a large zippered pocket on the outside.Comes in Blue & Orange


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