RZ Industries RZ Masks – Limited Time Offer

RZ Industries RZ Masks – Limited Time Offer


M1 Mask

The M1 RZ Mask is the pioneer of the RZ Vision. A clean, classic look with all the technology you’ve come to expect from RZ Industries. Featuring a durable, 4-way stretch neoprene body that delivers maximum performance in those tough duty situations. Dominating protection and performance through its 99.9% replaceable Active Carbon Filter. The M1 is your general purpose, tough-duty air filtration mask.

M2 Mask 

Freedom of motion through simplicity and innovation. The M2 RZ Mask is unparalleled in its class. It’s lightweight and slim design features a full mesh main body construction, resulting in improved airflow and breathability to seamlessly integrate into any users job or adventure. Dominating protection and performance through its 99.9% replaceable Active Carbon Filter. The M2 is your lightweight air filtration mask, ideal for those who stay in motion.

Please note that we have a limited quantity of these masks available for shipment – order today!!

Also – we are only accepting orders on the black masks at this time.

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RZ Features

  • Neoprene Construction – Tough-duty durability (M1 Mask)
  • Mesh Construction – Lightweight – Breathable (M2 Mask)
  • 99.9% Replaceable Active Carbon Filters
  • Dual one-way discharge valves – Reduce condensation
  • Adjustable nose clip – Prevent fogging
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap – Universal fit
  • 360 degree seal – Prevents leakage
  • RZ Filters tested at World Renowned Microbiological Testing Facility

(1)  RZ Mask
(2) Active Carbon Filters – Each RZ Filter lasts up to 60 Hours of use
(1) Storage Bag

How long do RZ Filters last?

The life expectancy of the RZ Filter depends on many variables, such as; particulate exposure density, particulate exposure duration and user breathing rate. With that said, below are our general guidelines – as the user will have the final call given your exposure.

  • 20-30+ hours of continuous use in heavy dust exposure to things such as; grain bins, off-roading, construction/demolition etc.
  • 30-40+ hours of continuous use in light dust exposure to things such as; grain bins, off-roading, construction/demolition etc.
  • 50-60+ hours of continuous use when protecting against allergens, pollutants, odors etc.


To determine the correct mask size for your facial structure, we recommend taking exact measurements using the method described below.
1. Measure from the bridge of your nose to just under your chin.
2. Use the measurements you have taken and match to the best fit from the below:
NOTE: If you are on the bubble based on measurements – refer to weight.
Extra Large (XL) – 4.5″ – 5.5″ | 215lbs +
Large (L) – 4″ – 4.5″ | 125lbs – 215lbs
Medium (M) – 3.5″ – 4″ | Up to 125lbs
Filters are designed to match your chosen mask size, i.e. Extra Large (XL) mask houses an XL filter.
Below is a general guide based on body weight (note that facial measurements are more accurate for ensuring correct fit).
Extra Large – 215 lbs +
Large – 125 lbs – 215 lbs
Medium – Up to 125 lbs

Fit Guide
A proper fit is key to efficient filtration and prolonged comfort. There are a few tips and tricks to help fit your mask properly. Please refer to below image for proper fit.

1. When applying your mask, place the top most part of the mask on the very top of your nose, then lower to cover your mouth and chin. Finish by fastening the strap(s) in a comfortable position. TIP: If you feel pressure on the top of your nose, fasten the strap in an “upward X” position. Vice versa for pressure on the bottom of your chin.

2. A proper seal is only required on the filter, not the mask shell. See image below. As you notice, the filter (blue) is creating a seal on the users face while the mask shell has some slack. This is acceptable. As long as the filter is creating a seal, the mask is deemed effective.

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RZ Mask

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