Single Gas Monitors – AimSafety PM100 Series

Single Gas Monitors – AimSafety PM100 Series


Ensure workplace safety with the Aim Safety PM100 Series maintenance-free Single Gas Monitor. Ideal for industrial workers, environmental health officers, safety managers, firefighters, and oil & gas professionals. This rugged device offers visible calibration status, maintenance-free operation, simple single-button operation, event logging capabilities, robust construction, easily readable LCD display, IP67 certification, and early warning alerts. Stay protected with the PM100’s three-tier alarm system for instant alerts. Choose the PM100 for heightened safety, longevity, and precise monitoring to save costs and lives. Opt for the Aim Safety PM100 Series Single Gas Monitor for top-notch workplace safety.

Two-year disposable portable single-gas monitors for CO, H2S, O2, NH3, SO2, NO2, or H2.

Limited time offer on CO units: $15.00 discount already reflected in sales price.

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Keep your workspace and employees safe with the Aim Safety PM100 Series Single Gas Monitors. Built for rugged industrial environments, this innovative safety device is an essential tool for industrial workers, environmental health officers, safety managers, firefighters, and oil & gas professionals who demand reliable gas detection in potential hazardous zones.

Key Features:

  • Visible Calibration Status: Never second-guess if your device is calibrated thanks to the clear on-screen status update, ensuring safety and compliance at all times.
  • Maintenance-Free Operation: Designed to be operational right out of the box and stays that way for two years without requiring any maintenance.
  • Simple Single Button Operation: User-friendly interface allows you to operate the device with ease, cutting down the time spent on handling complex equipment.
  • Event Logging Capabilities: Keeps a detailed log of incidents to facilitate thorough reports and informed safety decisions.
  • Robust Construction: Encased in rugged housing that is both easy to spot and built to withstand tough industrial conditions.
  • Easily Readable LCD Display: Large and clear display ensures accurate reading of gas levels in all working conditions.
  • IP67 Certification: Fully dust tight and water-resistant, the PM100 is tough enough to handle extreme work environments.
  • Early Warning Alerts: Advanced 30-day notice for end-of-life and instant notification for critical events to secure workplace safety preemptively.

The Aim Safety PM100 is not just another gas monitor; it’s your trustworthy guardian in hazardous work environments. With its three-tier alarm system, you will be instantly alerted to unsafe gas levels through loud sounds, flashing lights, and strong vibrations, offering unrivaled peace of mind during operations.

Why Choose the PM100?

The PM100 Series will be your first line of defense against invisible threats, leading to heightened safety and better adherence to occupational health standards. The device’s longevity, resilience, and precise monitoring features make it a superior choice that can ultimately save both costs and lives. When it comes to workplace safety, don’t compromise – choose the Aim Safety PM100 Series Single Gas Monitor.


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