3M DBI SALA Sliding Beam Anchor

3M DBI SALA Sliding Beam Anchor



Hands-free Mobility 360-degree swiveling D-ring optimizes your mobility on the beam.

Rugged durability Corrosion-resistant construction meets ANSI standards for weather, environmental and storage conditions.

Visible adjustability Dual ratcheting adjustment buttons are accessible above the beam, while locking mechanism is located on the side to reduce accidental engagement.


These sliding clamp anchors attach to structural steel and beams to create a moveable anchor point for a fall arrest device. Sometimes called gliding, trailing, or mobile beam anchors, sliding clamp anchors have two edges that adjust to fit a range of beam widths. They have wear pads, bearings, or materials that allow the anchor to slide along the length of the beam without having to be removed or adjusted, providing greater mobility for workers than fixed clamps. Sliding clamp anchors can be removed and reused in other locations. Anchors should always be inspected and replaced after being exposed to a fall.