This Smoke Ejector is designed to perform effective and efficient negative pressure ventilation, or NPV. While positive pressure ventilation (PPV) blows air into a structure, negative pressure sucks air out. This can be useful in confined space situations and/or when ventilated air must be controlled to a greater extent.

While they’re not as effective as positive pressure ventilators, Smoke Ejectors are still the go to for many departments around the world for their compact size/weight, simplicity and affordability. Perfect for ventilating in confined spaces. Extremely light weight and compact for convenient lifting/carrying and storage/transport.

We have one of the #EB-16-S-0.3 Kit on hand (manufactured in 2019).


  • Size – 16″
  • Horsepower – 0.3
  • CFM – 3,200
  • Dimensions – 18.75″ wide x 14.25″ deep x 19.5″ high
  • Weight – 47#
  • Kit includes ejector, door bar holder, handing bracket set and ducting hose adapter