The PIG has a baby brother!!

We are proud to introduce the PIGLET.

  • The PIGLET is 6lbs and it packs a punch!!
  • It is compact and makes for a perfect 6lbs personal-carry striking tool or officer’s tool.
  • The PIGLET can be used in all of the ways the PIG can: As a striking tool, to drive a halligan, for breaching, prying, ventilation and much more!
  • The pike of the PIGLET is thicker and shorter than the pike on the PIG and it has a slight curve that will change where the fulcrum is during prying.
  • The PIGLET does not have a notch and is not intended to be married to create a set of irons.
  • The PIGLET will be offered on a 28″ Nupla slim fit fiberglass handle in tan or black.