Patented design HDPE pad has multiple uses when paired with Hybrid Crib (Mfg. Part # 44PL-18) or Super Crib (Mfg. Part # 67SC-24) plastic cribbing blocks. An ideal first responder stabilization tool for lifting bag protection both on top or bottom of a light- to medium-duty crib stack for fire/rescue needs such as auto extrication. Comes in two sizes.

  • Part # CTP1818-1.5W/L or CTP 22424-2W/L
  • Dimensions: 18″x18″x1.5″ or 24″x24″x2″
  • Product Unit Weight: 6.80kg/15lbs. or 17.23kg/38lbs.
  • Available with built in level and lanyards.
  • Working Load: 54,431 kg/120,000lbs. or 102,058 kg/225,000lbs.
  • US. Pat. No. D804,768