• Mix with clean, portable water to create a preserved solution.
  • One bottle makes 14 to 16 gallons of solution.
  • Thoroughly cleanses
  • Works with portable eyewash station
  • Excellent safety tool
  • Capicity (volume): 8 oz

Please note that the manufacturer has discontinued the Sperian Water Additive.

We have the following item available as a replacement: 

  • Health Saver #4101 Eyewash Station Additive Concentrate
  • This product is a concentrated water preservative for use with gravity-fed, portable pressurized eyewash systems or self-contained enclosed safety showers.
  • Prevents bacteria, fungi and algae growth for up to 4 months; each 8 oz. bottle preserves 6-20 gallons (23-75L.) of potable water.
  • One 8 oz. bottle.