Just think of the times when you or your family were out of power… on the beach (music please!), in the stadium (what’s that other score?!), out shopping (I need to call home!), just to name a few. No power. No talk. No internet. No chance to get the information you need. Weego Battery Packs eliminate the frustration and allow you to keep going… Weego-ing!

Get on the go

Midsize BP52 packs enough power to charge 2 of your devices at the same time: smartphones, tablets, speakers and other USB devices. Or you can share the charge with a friend (or brother or sister, if it doesn’t start a fight!). At only 5 oz. and about the size of a deck of cards, it slips in your pocket or purse for the next boost. Just power up your device with the long 3.3’ Weego micro USB or use your own cord (required for Apple device users) to get up to 3 times (1) extra charge for smartphones.

Never run out of power again
Simply connect Weego to your device. An indicator light tells you when the discharge has reached 50% and then when you reach a 10% charge. When Weego needs recharging, power it back up with your wall adapter, car charger or laptop’s USB port. An indicator light tells you when it’s ready to go. Simple to use. No buttons to push. It just works. And you can count on it.

It’s lab tested
More than just a pretty face, Weego is backed by a 18-month warranty and made with durable, quality components. Built-in circuitry protections ensure your safety and Weego’s long-lasting, safe performance. Plus, the Samsung SDI cells provide 500+ full charging cycles – 500 full charges plus 500 full discharges. Sure you can try to count them – but it’s likely to be an unfair contest!


  • Pre-Charged Battery Pack
  • Micro USB Charging Cord

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