The safe, environmentally friendly alternative to flares.Highly effective LED light modules designed for temporary warning in a wide range of situations and applications. Modules can be used in the horizontal or vertical position and can be attached to highway cones for added visibility.

• Long lasting, heavy-duty Super-LED modules are super bright, super efficient.
• Safer than traditional flares… won’t burn clothing or ignite grass or leaf fires.
• Four standard flash patterns: CometFlash®, SingleFlash, Steady-Burn and FlareFlicker.
• Electronics are encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance, lenses and housings are rugged polycarbonate. Kit includes Cordura® carrying case and five LED modules.
• Environmentally safe, easy to set up and deploy.
• Visibility range, five to seven miles.
• Cost effective… LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of operation.
• Optional elevation ring adaptor for mounting on any traffic cone or road triangle.
• Power source: Three alkaline size C batteries, not included.
• Battery life approximately 100 hours.
• Available in red.