• Heavy duty, light weight aluminum drip torch that holds 1.25 gallons of fuel.
  • Conforms to Forest Service Specifications (USDA FS 5100-614)
  • Length- 25.50 inches
  • Weight- 4 pounds
  • Meets DOT regulations for transport of flammable fuel UN # 1B1-150
  • Red body complies with new OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1910.114
  • Heavy duty, light weight aluminum body
  • Reversible burner for easy storage and transport
  • Check valve to protect against flashback
  • Breather valve
  • Large diameter mouth for ease in filling
  • Double bottom for extra durability

Mounting Bracket 

  • Steel mount to secure the DT-125 for transport
  • Designed so the DT-125 Lifts out
  • Bolt holes in the bottom to attach to the tail board, skid unit or other horizontal sturdy surface.