Lakeland Wildland Fire Shirt – 6 oz. Yellow Nomex®

Lakeland Wildland Fire Shirt – 6 oz. Yellow Nomex®


The Wildland Fire Shirt sets a new standard in protective wear for firefighters braving the unpredictable elements of wildland fires. Engineered for optimal safety, comfort, and durability, this shirt combines advanced materials like Nomex® with practical design features such as Scotchlite™ reflective material, elasticized cuffs, and functional chest pockets. Whether facing the dense smoke of a forest blaze or the intense heat of a grass fire, the Wildland Fire Shirt provides unparalleled protection, visibility, and accessibility, making it the ultimate choice for firefighters committed to safety and professionalism in the line of duty.



Wildland Fire Shirt – Ultimate Protection for Firefighters

Brace through the blaze with confidence in our Wildland Fire Shirt. Engineered for the courageous wildland firefighters, forest service personnel, and emergency responders who confront the fierce frontline of fire, this shirt merges innovative design with unequaled durability and safety.

Unwavering Durability & Comfort

The Wildland Fire Shirt is fashioned with meticulous attention to detail:

  • A banded collar offers a snug fit to keep out ash and embers.
  • The vented rear yoke provides essential airflow, keeping you cool under pressure.
  • A concealed hidden front button placard presents a shielded yet accessible front, protecting against snagging and heat penetration.

Enhanced Visibility for Maximum Safety

Safety is not optional but essential. This premium shirt includes:

  • Scotchlite™ reflective material – 1” Heat Transfer on the upper back and sleeves, to amplify visibility in dense smoke or the dusk of the wildland.

Strategic Storage & Fit

  • Functional 5” x 6” center pleat chest pockets with flaps are positioned for easy access to critical gear, securely fastened to keep contents in place.
  • Elasticized cuffs with rugged take-up straps adapt seamlessly to your preferred fit, barricading against the intrusion of hazardous elements.

Material Choices for User Preference

With your needs at the forefront, the Wildland Fire Shirt comes in two trustworthy material selections:

  • The 6 oz. Yellow fabric made with Nomex® is renowned for its lightweight yet impeccable ablative properties.

Each fabric choice stands as a testament to long-lasting wearability, even in the midst of the most challenging wildland conflagrations.

Choose the Wildland Fire Shirt that stands as unyielding as you in the face of danger, ensuring every mission is met with the highest degree of protection and professionalism.


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