Zoll AED Plus Automatic External Defibrillator Battery Pack-10 Pack

Zoll AED Plus Automatic External Defibrillator Battery Pack-10 Pack



Enure that your medical equipment is always ready to go whenever you need it with the ZOLL Replacement Battery Pack on hand. This set is designed for use with the ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator. What makes this product special is that it has a standby life of 5 years even while installed in the unit, so even if you haven’t used the machine in a while, you know it’s ready to function anytime. The 123A lithium batteries come in a pack of 10 and have a 1550-mAh capacity each.


   Please Note: Replace the batteries in your AED Plus three years from the installation date of new batteries.

1. Ensure that the AED Plus is turned off. Open the battery compartment by removing the battery cover from the back of the unit.

2. Remove all batteries at once and dispose of old batteries properly. Place new batteries into the battery bank, observing battery polarity markings and making sure that all batteries are securely seated and properly oriented. After placing the first 5 to 9 batteries in the battery well, the INSTALL BATTERIES audio prompt reminds you to install the remaining batteries in the battery compartment.

3. After installing new batteries, press the Battery Reset Button inside the battery compartment when prompted. Pressing the button resets the battery usage indicator to full charge.

4. Close the battery compartment.

5. Turn the AED Plus over.

6. Locate battery replacement label which is included in the battery kit.

7. Write the battery replacement date on label. (Three calendar years from today’s date.) Example: If today’s date is (02/23/2012) the replacement date will be (02/23/2015).

8. Peel label from paper. 9. Affix label onto AED Plus below the “Status Indicator”, as displayed below.


Zoll battery replacement compartment Explanation of Symbols: – Replace batteries on or before.  Place the AED Battery Replacement Label below the AED Plus Status Indicator .ZOLL AED Plus Replacement Batteries Date Label

Zoll New Replacement Batteries

Unlike every other AED, the AED Plus is powered by ten Lithium batteries available at any retail camera store. These aren’t your typical flashlight batteries, but smaller, more powerful and long-lasting Lithium batteries. How powerful and long-lasting are they? Five of them can develop, in ten seconds, the electrical charge needed to defibrillate a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victim. Together these ten Lithium batteries last five years. The ten Lithium batteries actually make up two separate, redundant power circuits; five batteries in each circuit. If one circuit ever fails, in a split second the AED Plus actually “changes batteries” by calling on the other circuit to provide the needed power. Immediately after such a “change of batteries,” however, a red X will appear in the status window and the AED Plus will tell you to change batteries. So even though your AED Plus has ten batteries, it only needs five at a time. And they can always change themselves. What’s In Reserve? The AED Plus tracks the usage of batteries as time passes. That’s why it asks you to push the little green button when you put in new batteries, which resets the clock to zero. When it determines that batteries need to be changed, it will display a red X in the status window and start beeping. When you turn it on, it will say “change batteries.” It will then continue with the rescue and deliver a shock, if needed. When the red X first appears, the AED Plus still has enough power in reserve to deliver more than 100 shocks. No other AED has this much power in reserve when it begins to tell you to change batteries.

ZOLL Replacement Battery Pack for Zoll AED Plus, 10-pack:
  • Battery Size: 123A
  • For Use With: ZOLL AED Plus
  • Battery Capacity: 1550 mAh

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