The holiday season is upon us! This is a time full of joy, family, and friends but also a time full of fire risks. Our last blog was about the most common winter fire risks; here is what you can do to avoid the risk of a fire due to your Christmas Tree this holiday season:

1. Check all cords.

– Ensure that they are not damaged in any way.

– String only a few strands of lights together- no more than three per extension cord is a rule of thumb.

– Before leaving the house or going to sleep, turn off all holiday lights.

2. Ensure all outside decorations are specified for outdoor use.

– Make sure all hanging lights are safely fastened.

– Ensure that you do not puncture cords if using nails or hooks.

– Make sure cords are insulated to avoid electrocution or fire hazard.

3. Look for a fire-resistant artificial tree.

– Keep artificial trees far from fireplaces, radiators, candles, or other heat sources.

– NEVER use electric lights on metallic trees.

4. Make sure to keep a live tree fresh and watered.

– To check if your tree is thriving, bend a few needles up and down to ensure they do not fall off. You should refresh your water and clean up any fallen needles if they do.

5. Do not light your fireplace if you are hanging stockings on your mantel.

6. Check the labels of your older decorations to ensure they are still safe to use.

7. Use a stable ladder when putting up decorations and follow proper ladder safety protocol.

Nobody wants their holiday season to end in tragedy. So follow these tips to stay safe and have the best holiday season yet!