Custom Fire Apparatus & Trucks That Clarey’s Offers

If you are interested in a Custom Fire Apparatus, please call us at 1-800-558-8009 or contact us online!

Aerial Units

  • Tractor Drawn Aerial
  • 100′ Rear & Mid Mount Aerials
  • 100′ Super Heavy Duty Aerial
  • 55′, 105′ & 125′ Heavy Duty Aerial
  • 75′ Heavy Duty Aerial Single Axle
  • 75′ Heavy Duty Aerial Tandem Axle

Platform Units

  • 85′ Mid Mount Platform
  • 87′ Rear Mount Platform
  • 100′ Mid Mount Platform
  • 100′ Rear Mount Platform


  • Side Mount Pumpers
  • Rear Mount Pumpers
  • Rescue Pumpers
  • Open Top Mount Pumpers
  • Interior Top Mount Pumpers


  • Single Axle Tankers
  • Tandem Axle Tankers
  • Tanker Pumpers

Rescue & Command

  • Light Rescue Vehicles
  • Walk-In Heavy Rescues
  • Non Walk-In Heavy Rescues
  • Rescue Pumpers

Full Response Crew Cab

  • Full Response Pumper Tankers
  • Full Response Side Mount Pumpers
  • Full Response Top Mount Pumpers


Clarey’s Safety Equipment was established in 1968 and since that time we have been providing our customers with quality built fire apparatus to meet the ever changing demands of the fire service. We represent Custom Fire Apparatus, manufactured in Osceola, Wisconsin. Custom Fire was incorporated in 1978 by Jim Kirvida, who’s roots in the fire truck building business date back four generations, to the days when horse drawn wagons were still being used to fight fires. Today, Custom Fire operates out of a 45,000 sq. ft. facility approximately 40 miles northeast of the Twin Cities Metro area.

Being the “biggest” in the fire truck industry was never the company goal. More to the point, the goal was and still remains to be a “specialist” in the creative design of fire apparatus to meet the needs of its customers. By working closely with a department committee and listening to their stated needs and goals, Custom Fire is able to blend specialized features into an apparatus design. Trying to talk you into standard feature content or “cookie cutter” designs is not what we are about. “Custom” is in our name and that is what we are about.

Custom Fire perfects each apparatus with “state of the art” tooling, whether it be their Pro-E engineering software or laser cutting each part to ensure a technologically advance precision fit, and an “unmatched” high standard in parts accuracy and quality. Striving to be “better” is what it’s all about.

Utilizing their unique “concealed” all-bolted premium construction standards is what sets Custom Fire apart. Bolting a body is universally considered to be a superior method of assembly, since bolted construction provides for the mixing of construction materials and selecting each metal candidate according to its best function. Using the best material for the intended function is much like using the right tool for the right job. The “concealed” all-bolted construction method also ensures the ease of future revisions and reparability.

Design innovation also beats at the heart of Custom Fire. Pioneering the use of stainless steel materials for apparatus bodies and crew cabs separated Custom Fire from the competition. Innovating with “life-time warranted” stainless steel body sub-structures, water tank cradles and pump house structures further sets Custom Fire away from the pack. Let’s face it, the liquid chemicals being used to clear our roads is taking a heavy toll not on just your personal car, but your fire truck as well. Utilizing stainless steel materials just makes more sense to protect your investment.

Clarey’s Safety Equipment has a team of experienced sales professionals to work with your team in designing your next Custom Fire Apparatus. Give us a call at 1 (800) 558-8009 to schedule an appointment or contact us online!