Fire Extinguisher Service Department

Clarey’s Safety Equipment has certified fire extinguisher technicians prepared to assist you with your fire extinguisher requirements. Our technicians have extensive experience and work hard to meet your needs.

All recharging and hydro-static testing is performed at our Rochester facility and never sub-contracted out to vendors. All work is performed in accordance with the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and DOT (Department of Transportation Standards) and will meet or exceed all state and local fire codes.

Services Available

(Please note: These services may not be available in your area)

  • We will assist you with proper fire extinguisher selection, size and extinguisher placement throughout your home or business
  • Knowledge and safety training on your fire extinguisher
  • Annual service and maintenance
  • Recharging and Hydrostatic testing at Clarey’s Safety Equipment facility located in Rochester, Minnesota
  • Mounting brackets, covers and cabinets for safely mounting your fire extinguishers
  • Mobile service (offered to portions of MN, IA and WI. Please contact Clarey’s Safety Equipment for questions on this service)
  • Custom sign and label making equipment

Most types of fire extinguishers can be serviced at Clarey’s Safety Equipment!

Please note: Some of the inexpensive fire extinguishers are disposable or onetime use only, therefore cannot be recharged. If you are unsure about your fire extinguisher please contact Clarey’s Safety Equipment at 1-800-558-8009 for more information. You can also fill out our service request form online.

Classes of Fire Extinguishers

  • ABC, BC, A, D, and K

DOT Certification and Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.